Thanks for coming to check out info about the MMR, but I gotta tell you, there isn't a registration process. That was just the WW being out of touch as usual. Now in our 3rd year, we've never asked for registration. We don't play that game.

In fact, I stopped sending out calendar annoucements after 50 people made it to the start as a result of a WW "pick", but only 25 of us made it to the destination. The others were scared off by something we here in Portland call rain.

And those pictures of previous rides you hoped to find here? Eh, you might find some, but this site is pretty messed up right now due to a server crash. Check back in Feb. It will definitely be updated in its full glory in time for our anniversary.

We aren't a clique. There are different attendees every time. You are most welcome. But we do take the TEAM in Team Midnight very seriously.

Come dressed to play and you better not fucking wuss out en route.