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Bike news and views to get your two wheels spinning

First Wednesday of the month

Portland, Oregon
9:00-10:00 am

HOSTS: Sara Stout + Ayleen Crotty

PODCAST: PortlandTransport.com

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Just a few of the many interviews and songs aired on the KBOO Bike Show. More recordings can be found on PortlandTransport.com

B.I.K.E.An interview with Bicycle and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment, a local racing group for youth from low-income families....2:40
C.H.U.N.K. 666 Hang and Megulon-5 discuss the finer points of C.H.U.N.K. as they prepare for their BikeSummer 2002 events....5:30
Everything Tastes Better with Bike Grease
Interview with bike mechanic and bike lover Tori Bortman....4:13
Female Bike Mechanics
Three women and their stories of becoming bike mechanics....20:00
Malaika Ashanti Interviews with local cyclist and powerhouse Malaika Ashanti....4:25
North Portland Bikeworks
Interviews with folks at the grand opening of North Portland Bikeworks, a non-profit community bike shop....2:00
Stumptown Pedalers Robert talks about his bike cargo delivery service, Stumptown Pedalers Experss....6:50
What I Like About Bikes
Interviews with people in Portland on why they like bikes....1:40
The Get Linked Girls
Girls in the Community Cycling Center's Get Linked afternoon program talk about bikes....4:00
Worst Day of the Year Ride, 2002
Interviews with people at the Community Cycling Center's Worst Day of the Year Ride...2:00

Biking NYC NYC bikers describe their city from a cyclist's point of view....3:15
Is Chicago
A glimpse at biking in the Windy City....4:40
Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouverites share with us what it's like to bike in their city....6:30
Vancouver, B.C. CM
Portland Bike Ambassadors join the Canadians for a ride...7:45

Belmont DeathsA short memorial for Orion Satushek and Angela Leazenby, bicyclists killed by a driver on Belmont and Caroline Buchalter who was severely injured on the same ride....2:50
Families That go by Bike
An interview with families with children who have chosen to be car free....7:10
No More War for Oil
Interviews with people at an anti-war on Iraq demonstration....2:40
Peace March
Interviews with people at a Portland peace march....5:00
The Couve
Jennifer Campos discusses the state of cycling in Vancouver, Washington....6:00
What Drivers can Do
We stood on the Broadway bridge and asked cyclists what drivers can do to make the road safer for cyclists....2:50

405 An anti-war critical mass ride winds up on the 405 freeway....2:10
Critical Mass, NYC
Interviews with CM riders in NYC for the final ride of BikeSummer 2003....5:20
Critical Mass, August 2002
Interviews with CM riders in August 2002, a typical Portland CM ride with police intervention....2:30
Ireland vs. PDX
Kevin O'Dolovan discusses the differences between CM in his homeland Ireland and Portland on a visit during CM anti-war demonstrations....3:55
Critical Mass, March 2003
Interviews with CM riders in March 2003....5:30

Several Portland bike culturists made an ambassadorial visit to Vancouver, B.C. to elarn more about their bike culture and share a bit of Portland's. Sitting on the floor of Lee Henderson's kitchen, we recorded these songs:

ICBC Rates A song about pay-per-use auto insurance versus the current ICBC rate system in Canada, with a brief explanatory statement....2:50
Pedal-Powered Goddess
There's a pedal-powered goddess in the sky, and the turns the Milky Way between her thighs....1:00


KBOO Bike Show Turns 1 An audio collage to celebrate one year of the KBOO Bike Show featuring some of the most memorable voices throughout the year....4:00
May 2002 Collage
A collage of the voices aired on the KBOO Bike Show....2:00
An interview with Dave Velo (aka BikeDave), a self-described Bike Ambassador from the Bay Area....5:00

Other radio show hosts: please mention the KBOO Bike Show and this website when airing any of the above pieces. air widely, tell us about it and enjoy!

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