t e a m . m i d n i g h t

Ali, we salute you!
You are missed.
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M I D N I G H T . M Y S T E R Y . R I D E
We meet, greet, gather and drink. At midnght, we ride.




Ride #52 Pushing 400 (no shit!) 

Ride #51 Shit, All This Cop Presence Sucks 

Ride #50 Popcorn and Beer

Ride #49 Tracks and Tracks * this ride marks the first time we repeated a destination.

Ride #48 * Police Escort Anniversary Ride *

Ride #47 Goodness to the World - Dedicated to Ali.

Ride #46 Hole in One

Ride #45

Ride #44 Nighmare on Tillamook St.

Ride #43

Ride #42

Ride #41 Carey to Carye

Ride #40 Wanna go drink by the tracks?

Ride #39 Defunct Scavenger Hunt

Ride #38 Welcome to Portland, This is How We Do it Here

Ride #37 Team SE Midnight

Ride #36 * Anniversary on the Slough *

Ride #35 Dumpster Diving Ride

Ride #34 Paul Bunyon Rides Again

Ride #33 Barge

Ride #32 Columbia Glory

Ride #31 (TBA)

Ride #30 (TBA)

Ride #29 Sleep Away Camp

Ride #28 Zoobomb+MMR=TLA

Ride #27 Don't be Creepy

Ride #26 Birthday Boy Ride

Ride #25 The Little Concrete Staircase

Ride #24 * Naked Anniversary Ride *

Ride #23 Winter

Ride #22 Live Performance

Ride #21 405 in all its Glory

Ride #20 Sprinklers

Ride #19 What a Ride, 205

Ride #18 Kidnapping.

Ride #17 Double Secret Mystery Ride

Ride #16 Tower

Ride #15 Neon Nerd Night

Ride #14 Alameda Ridge Tango

Ride #13 Hidden Mystery World Back Yard

Ride #12 * Anniversary Ride *

Ride #11 Santa Lucia, it's Raining!

Ride #10 Willamette River Music

Ride #9 West Side Fire

Ride #8 Are we in Salem yet?

Ride #7 Vancouver Never Looked so Lovely

Ride #6 The Rooms of the Woods

Ride #5 Ghost House

Ride #4 Superfund Ride

Ride #3 Spookly Shriners

Ride #2 Tunnel of Love

Ride #1 Bicycle wll you be Mine?

::tips for riders::
1. Lighten up
2. Dress for the weather
3. I never said it was safe.

1. Must have a destination where we can sit, relax, hang
2. Should be within 5 miles of meeting point
3. Meeting point should be accessible, inexpensive, and should serve alcohol
4. Unexpected and little known destinations are encouraged
5. Plan your route to go past a store where people can stock up for the night
6. There must be reasonable shelter from the rain
7. Rides occur on the second Friday of the month

::tips for organizers::
1. Contact midnight [at] riseup.net to say you're interested but please don't say your destination idea
2. Once verified that no one else is already organizing a ride for your preferred month, scout your destination and plan a smart, fun route
3. Summer months fill up early, plan and communicate ahead
4. Shhhh... riders should not know where they're going till they get there
5. Make it fun, have fun doing it
6. Occupied residential destinations in summer are so tacky

communicate by contacting midnight [at] riseup.net